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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shah is Backing Off

Shahril 1st on the right

Since we started this project in early 2009.
The drama never end.

We already make a commitment to start something new with a vision.
The always up and down.. especially being in a band.

Playing for the love of the music.
Looking for the uniqueness in our sound.
Enjoy playing with your bandmate.
That were the vision.

Shahril aka Shah is no longger appart of Emosi Studio line up.
I didn't get the reason out of him.
But I could understand why...

He is still going to be a good friend...

I'm writing this message to thank him for all the sacrifice he had made for the band.

Let by gone be by gone...
No hard feelings...

Peace Upon You...

- Rizal Ome -