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Sunday, May 10, 2009

[NEW] Living Theater - Emosi Studio

Song Title: Living Theater

Compose/Lyric By: Rizal Ome

This song is basically to express my feeling regarding my life now at this moment. It was never easy. At first i wanted to write about a girl. Sundently the mood shift to life, spirit and friendship. Some time i feel like life is full of Drama...

To me it is suite to compare life with theater because the excitement, expression, and feel is real... Allah is our director and we are able to control our character but HE already state what going to happen next and HE already plan when the play going to end..

So Befero the play end we need to get in our character and make sure that character is the character as in our scrip.


huck said...


Sedeh gila dowh!!

huck said...

Suka sangat!!