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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Emosi Studio The Journey Begin... part 2

Why Emosi?

A lot of people asking why do we choose Emosi Studio as the band name...
Are we emoe? No~!!!

this is the reason:
1. Emosi - variety of feeling
Sometime we could be happy, sometime we could be sad, sometime we are good, and some time we are bad. To relate it with the band we were trying to push out a concept of playing what we like and playing what people like to listen... The key word is to be UNIVERSAL. Play all type of music and enjoy playing it. Human emotion is unpredictable so we are pushing the same concept to our music. As for "Studio" stand for the place where all the music and idea came from.

2. Easy to remember.

End of part 2

Written By
Rizal Ome