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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Emosi Studio The Journey Begin... part 1

Emosi Studio were establish in 2009. A band of 1001 story.

The History

Since 2002 I and wanz were playing music together. At first our band is called FERTILLIZE and come out with a demo, then we change our name to MISBEHAVE in 2003 and come out with a second demo. But the 2 Demo that we produce were Hampeh~!. But we playing together untill problem within the band member occur, Misbehave were in shaky state and the band was left with Me, Wanz and Syamim.

In 2005 we come out with 2 single
Modularablogata - (Malay)
Thunami Story - (English)

In 2006 - 2008 Misbehave progress were slow due to our education.

During my study in Multimedia Collage KL i form a side band project called Banwidth.
With Banwidth i had come out with 1 demo just to test and improve my composing skills.
The project were a success.

In end of 2008 I and Wanz ready to be back and this time to stay in the scene.
So I had search my line up for the new project and on early Feb 09
Emosi Studio were form.

END of part 1

written by
Yusrizal Ome
Emosi Studio