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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Emosi Studio The Journey Begin... part 2

Why Emosi?

A lot of people asking why do we choose Emosi Studio as the band name...
Are we emoe? No~!!!

this is the reason:
1. Emosi - variety of feeling
Sometime we could be happy, sometime we could be sad, sometime we are good, and some time we are bad. To relate it with the band we were trying to push out a concept of playing what we like and playing what people like to listen... The key word is to be UNIVERSAL. Play all type of music and enjoy playing it. Human emotion is unpredictable so we are pushing the same concept to our music. As for "Studio" stand for the place where all the music and idea came from.

2. Easy to remember.

End of part 2

Written By
Rizal Ome

Friday, April 17, 2009

17 April 09 Cantumas Acoustic Review

17 April 2008 - Cantumas Acoustic Battle Review

First we would like to thanks our friend and the crowd that day...
It was a good session. Good Battle...

Emosi Studio Playlist:
Journey (Intro)
Don't Panic ( Coldplay Cover)

The First band was " LOKEE "
Good band, Good line up, Great Vocal - I think that this band played good...
If i was the judge. I would select this band as the Session Winner base on thier musicianship skills and good vocal.

The second band was us " Emosi Studio "
Good intro i think. then as for "Menjauh" it was ok. "Don't panic" was supperb. But to compare the musicianship, vocal and mucianship skills we are still not that good. So guys keep on practicing. Brush Up your skills. We are still far behind.

The third band was " Pic 'o Sunday"
MCR concept band... thier vocal and thier music base is good. I think that they were far younger than us... But my personal opinion they were just a nother version of Bunkface in the making. But don't get me wrong. If to compare the smoothness of thier musicianship they were better...

So the the result will be out on May after the first session finish.

As what i can say is I could except if we win or lose this first round.

If we lose it is because we are still not good enough... We need to brush up...
If we win we need to brush up... because we are still not good enough...

Get what i mean?

I understand that we are unique. But we should realize that we are steping to next level.
I hope that people outside not chop us as POSERS because we are still trying to explore our identity. We are still far x100 behind. The stairs is still high. Let work it out together.

So i would like to thanks my cantumas crew, bandmate, friend, and the crowd who were there.

Thanks for your surport...

Rizal Ome

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Emosi Studio @ Cantumas 17/4/08

Here by i would like to invite all our dearest SUPPORTER to join us...

Date: 17 April 09
Place: Cantumas Cafe Setiawangse (behind Giant)
Time : 9pm till late

" Acoustic BOTB Seatlewange Scene"

Come And Join Us

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

10th April 09 - Cantumas Cafe ( Acoustic Show )

On the 10th April 09... We Emosi Studio play our 1st gig for 2009.

We would like to thanks our friend and the crowd that day...
It was a wonderfull exprient... Full house crowd...
Thanks You Guy.... Cheers~!

Who Is Emosi Studio?

From Left: Bobot ( Adli ), Wanz, Ome, Shah, Farid & Syafik

Posisi Ahli :

Adli ( Bobot) - Bunyian Gendang Tradisional (Percussion)

Wanz - Gendang Universal ( Drum )

Rizal Ome - Dawai Karen 1 ( Lead )

Shah - Suara Halkum ( Vocal )

Farid - Dawai Karen 2 ( Guitar )

Syafik ( Cipap ) - Asas Bunyi ( Bass )

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Emosi Studio The Journey Begin... part 1

Emosi Studio were establish in 2009. A band of 1001 story.

The History

Since 2002 I and wanz were playing music together. At first our band is called FERTILLIZE and come out with a demo, then we change our name to MISBEHAVE in 2003 and come out with a second demo. But the 2 Demo that we produce were Hampeh~!. But we playing together untill problem within the band member occur, Misbehave were in shaky state and the band was left with Me, Wanz and Syamim.

In 2005 we come out with 2 single
Modularablogata - (Malay)
Thunami Story - (English)

In 2006 - 2008 Misbehave progress were slow due to our education.

During my study in Multimedia Collage KL i form a side band project called Banwidth.
With Banwidth i had come out with 1 demo just to test and improve my composing skills.
The project were a success.

In end of 2008 I and Wanz ready to be back and this time to stay in the scene.
So I had search my line up for the new project and on early Feb 09
Emosi Studio were form.

END of part 1

written by
Yusrizal Ome
Emosi Studio

Wednesday, April 8, 2009